Building Champions since 1995!

Miss Tammy's History

Miss Tammy's started with 2 small cheerleading camps at Hulen Park in Cleburne, TX in June
of 1995, with no idea of what the cheerleading industry would become.  A few weeks later we
saw that the facility that housed "Cleburne Dance Academy" was for sale and everything
moved forward quickly from there.  On August 26th, 1995 Miss Tammy's All-Star Co. officially
opened and began competing that year at NCA High School/All-Star Nationals
when it was still a combined event.


Through the years we have changed uniforms, logos and even expanded our facility, but one
thing that has remained the same is our love of this sport and our desire
to help athletes reach their goals. 


Miss Tammy's is located in Cleburne, TX just out side the DFW metroplex.  While we love to
get new students who already have skills, we take pride in knowing we are one of the only
gyms in the country that takes athletes from zero to hero on the ability scale. 
Over 90% of the double fulls, fulls, alternates, standing backs, etc.. we put on the mat not only
learned there elite skills from us, but also started with us learning cartwheels and
rounds-offs at Miss Tammy's.


As stated on the A&E Competitive Cheerleading Documentary hosted by Terry Bradshaw
that featured Miss Tammy's we continue to 

"Bring Big Time Cheerleading to Small Town America!" 

Miss Tammy's will always compete in a great way and contend for
National team awards and accomplishments, but we will not sacrifice
the progression of the individual to meet team goals.

At Miss Tammy's  - 




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